The Essential Ingredients To Cook Up A Storm For Your Corporate Christmas Party


Venue – 1m2 per attendee

Catering – 3 courses per attendee

Entertainment – 5 ladles full

Décor – 24 heaped tablespoons

Sprinkling of Christmas Magic


honiton_road_busLets begin with the venue, it needs to be near the office and easy to get to via public transport, with parking available for those driving and not drinking. The brand of the venue needs to reflect the brand of your company. Pre-set the time on the over ensuring that you check the time you can arrive and leave the venue. Will you need tome to pre-heat the oven / set up the venue? Make sure your cake tin will fit in the over / the attendees will fir in the venue.

Now have a look at the catering, decide if you need a sit-down meal, a buffet or maybe even a warming hog roast for your attendees. Bear in mind that the food served will influence the look and feel of the event. Be creative with the menu.

The entertainment is like the icing on the cake, you don’t want to offer a superb cake that everyone loves, then cover it with an icing that could cause offence. It is important to match the brand of your company with the entertainment. Decide if you want additional icing patterns in the form of warm-up acts or just the icing itself in the form of a band playing throughout the evening.

christmas1There’s nothing more boring than a plain white iced cake, and there’s nothing more boring than a Christmas party in a plain room. Jazz it up with gorgeous décor. Aim to create ambience, appeal to the senses with maybe the sounds of carol singers or the aroma of festive spices.

Mix it all up in a bowl and you have the perfect Corporate Christmas Cake. All you need to do now is sit back, relax. You made the cake, now eat it!

Sadly it is not all as easy and relaxed as this recipe may have made it sound and this is why companies like RPMC Events are on hand to help take the stress away from all your corporate events. All you need to do is tell them your budget, the reason for the party, amount of attendees and the sort of thing you want.

logoRPMC Events will do all the rest for you and then you can be the angel at the top of the Christmas tree praised by management and admired by all.

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